Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Will the horror ever end?

It appears that invasions by the Keira, of which I wrote previously, are meant to be a regular occurrence. This in spite of my clear warnings to the One regarding potential consequences should the Keira be allowed back into the palace.

I have not yet determined exactly what sort of creature the Keira is. Fairbanks speculated that it may be some kind of weaponized mutant designed for a nefarious purpose we are unable to understand. It resembles the humans in features, but it is small and inarticulate and seems to have motor-control issues.

As you can see here, the Keira's limbs do not seem to be
controlled by its brain. It is possible it is controlled by a
 malfunctioning radio-frequency remote. I'll have
Fairbanks look into this.

It also eats a substance that has the consistency of my squishy food but does not smell appetizing at all. I ordered Katherine to eat some and report back, in the hopes that the Keira food might be toxic to cats, but she refused.

Here is a picture of the Shadowbringer feeding
the possibly-toxic squishy food to the Keira.